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Useful information

Useful information & FAQ's
Hopefully as you've looked through the website you've seen all the information you need,  in case there's something you'd like to know theres a little more information below. If you can't see the information you need, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to assist.

What equipment do you use?

We pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our sound  equipment. Our sound system suits small to medium sized venues, of capacities generally up to about 150 people.  

Our lighting equipment

Our system usually consists of up to 6 lighting effects, but can be extended to 8 on occasions. 

Two of our effects can project heart shapes, which are ideal for Engagements and Wedding events. These can be projected in a range of different colours, so we are able to compliment your chosen colour theme.  For specific events such as Christmas parties we can use snowflake patterns. 

During background music, buffets, or meals we can set units to static and use them to project patterns into the room, to compliment any room decorations.  

Standard Lighting may include:

Gobo projection Prolight Equinox Helix - Equinox Helix 100W Gobo Flower - YouTube
Colourwashes LEDJTPIX battens - LEDJ TPix Series - YouTube
ighting effect Prolight Equinox SHARD - Equinox Shard - YouTube

You will see many photo's on the website, facebook page and the flickr page, these are only a representation of the systems we have been using over the last few years.  

Visit our facebook page for images of some of the rigs in use

Do you use Special effects? 
Many venues have very sensitive & modern fire detection systems therefore very few venues permit any use of haze or smoke, therefore we do not routinely offer  haze, or smoke machines. Other effects such as strobe lighting, pyrotechnics or lasers are only supplied upon request.Is there any special information you need?

Access: If your chosen venue has restricted parking, lengthy access routes, is upstairs, please inform us when enquiring. We always do everything we can to ensure all events run smoothly, however we do also have to consider the health and safety of you, your guests, manual handling operations, staff safety, and equipment security. It does not always mean we charge more but may have to adapt the system to suit, or allow more time to set up and pack away.

Sound limiters: As part of licensing requirements some venues have sound limiters fitted in their function rooms.  Some venues systems pose no problem, however we have come across some venues where all it takes is for someone to talk on a microphone, or a group of people clapping or cheering to activate the device cutting off all power. This has the potential to cause damage to the more sensitive pieces of equipment many DJ's use. These systems also have the potential to have a negative effect on an event, there's nothing worse than having a dance floor full of guest enjoying themselves and as they sing along with a song it all goes dark and quiet. We do everything we can to ensure that the systems do not get activated, and will always respond to reasonable requests regarding volume.

Room lighting: When your evaluating your choice of venue its worth thinking about how the room will look. What lighting does the room have, basic fluorescent lighting maybe, or dimmable lighting or discrete down or wall lighting. Is it either on or off or can it be dimmed to create the right atmosphere?

What will it look like when your disco starts will the venue dim the lighting or do they insist on health & Safety grounds its remains quite high? 

Its also worth asking the venue that some general room lighting is re-instated at the end of the night, There have been many occasions where the DJ and guests are trying to leave or pack away in total darkness.

What other things are worth considering prior to the booking?
Please consider the below, and inform us in advance:

Q: Can we have the use of a microphone and your system for speeches?
A: We can provide up to 2 cabled or 2 radio mics. We only carry one of each, therefore if you require a radio mic, please let us know in advance. 

Due to COVID Risks and for hygiene reasons we do not make our primary Radio Mic for use by others. All guest microphones are antibacterially cleaned before and after every event to minimise risk of infection transmission. Internal filters are washed after use. Microphones should only be used by one person and we accept no liability if they are shared by guests.

Q: There is a band or other entertainer also working on our function, does this matter?
A: We have, and are always happy to work with other entertainment providers, please note we do have specific requirements stated in our terms and conditions of booking in terms of space needed so please do bear this in mind.

Q: Where holding the event in a marquee, is this okay?
A: It may be necessary to reconfigure our system to suit, and may have to undertake site specific risk assessments. 

Q: Can we view the DJ in advance?
We are sorry but unfortunately it is not always practical to see us working, especially as we provide mobile discos for weddings, or other private functions. It would not be ethical or professional for a working DJ to invite potential clients to other clients private functions for viewing purposes.

Q: My preferred venue advises me that I've now got to book their DJ, so I can't use your services?
There are venues that often insist that you must use their own entertainment or DJ. Its worth considering how much of your total bill is for this entertainer / DJ. We are aware of some venues who will charge clients for not having this entertainer / DJ who wish to provide their own. So if you see a venue charging you for a service your not having you may wish to speak to Consumer Direct or the local trading standards office. If your looking to use their services take the opportunity to review them prior to committing yourself, often what your paying the venue is not what the DJ actually is getting paid.


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